Halter One

Halter One is a multi-use concrete disk with one hole.

The ‘Species of the Space’ project focuses on design in terms of objects in a series. The series is inspired by the rhizome structure, a continuously growing stem which puts out lateral shoots and nodes at intervals. Focusing on their ability to change and adapt to their environment, each piece allows the user to find new and creative uses.

Matt textured sides with smooth polished top and bottom. Specially developed process mixing concrete with sponge gives the pieces a semi-lightweight composition.

Protected with an acrylic based sealant and top coat of 100% natural carnauba wax.

Due to this unique hand forming concrete process, each piece will vary slightly in texture and colour from the images seen on screen. We see this as the beauty of the process and hope you do to!


Diameter: 15cm
Hole diameter: 2.4cm
Thicknesses: 2.5cm


For all inquiries, please contact: studio@yasminbawa.com